Aryl hydrocarbon (benzo(a)pyrene) hydroxylase in human peripheral blood monocytes

  title={Aryl hydrocarbon (benzo(a)pyrene) hydroxylase in human peripheral blood monocytes},
  author={Robert C. Bast and James P. Whitlock and Haruko Miller and Herbert J. Rapp and H. V. Gelboin},
MICROSOMAL mixed-function oxygenases metabolise a variety of exogenous compounds, including drugs, pesticides and carcinogens, as well as endogenous substances such as steroids1,2. One oxygenase, aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase (AHH), is important in both the detoxification of some carcinogenic polycyclic hydrocarbons and the activation of others to more carcinogenic forms1–4. Hydroxylase activity and cytochrome P-450 have been found in various tissues of animals1,2 and man5–12. AHH activity… CONTINUE READING