Acknowledgements We would like to thank the Tucson Arts Odyssey for asking the University of Arizona to undertake this study, which provided a challenging opportunity for the application of economic models to real life situations. This was a fruitful, two-way relationship that has resulted in a better understanding of the role of the arts in our community and of how many important aspects of life remain unmeasurable in strict dollar terms. Completion of this project would not have been possible without support and assistance from a number of people. The directors and marketing and finance personnel in the participating arts organizations provided financial data, organized volunteers, scheduled and administered audience surveys and consulted on industry-specific issues. We especially want to thank Tucson Arts Odyssey, were particularly helpful in bridging the business and arts worlds. The success of the audience survey ultimately depended on enthusiastic support by the arts organizations' volunteers and responses from more than 2,600 arts patrons. We thank all the volunteers for their participation. Special thanks go to the College of Fine Arts administrators, Dean Maurice Sevigny for his original idea of the study and Associate Dean Jacqueline Lee Mok, who served as the main point of contact in the coordination of meetings and other information exchanges. We thank University of Arizona Professors Arthur Silvers and James Shockey for consultation on conceptual and methodological issues. Professor William Beyers at the University of Washington, the author of two similar studies, was particularly helpful throughout the project. Most of the work, however, was done in the Office of Economic Development: Rachel Petty helped in the early phase of data collection and survey data management. Nikki Ferrugia and Maureen West helped with survey data entry, while Marshall Worden and David de Kok suggested valuable improvements to the document. David's critical eye for detail is particularly acknowledged. Jason Ott provided the final touches, while Scott Davis coordinated the final production of the report and related material.

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