Artistic image generation for emerging multimedia services by impressionist manner


In this article, we propose the rendering framework for painting-like image generation and general system architecture for mobile device. Especially, we focused on a color division method for generating neo-impressionist images. The French painter, George Seurat, introduced pointillism under the theory that the individual pigments of colors on the canvas are reconstructed on the human retina. Pointillism is a painting technique in which many small brush strokes are combined to form a picture and determines the color of brush strokes based on the optical mixing of juxtaposed colors. In order to express countless separate dots, we form hierarchical points using Wang Tiles contained points. Also palette will be constructed using neo-impressionist colors. Based on this palette, we propose color division algorithm that distributes hierarchical point's color to pointillist colors using probability function. Finally, hierarchical points set that applied proposed color division rule is converted into brush strokes that possesses properties such as shape and direction. This rendering algorithm is performed in our proposed system. Our scheme is able to produce a painting with artistic style and be applied to the various platform having the different computing performance and display resolution. This system also can be extended to various imaging devices (IPTV, camera, smart phone, digital photo frame and so on).

DOI: 10.1145/2423636.2423640

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