Artificial sweeteners and human bladder cancer.

  title={Artificial sweeteners and human bladder cancer.},
  author={Geoffrey R. Howe and J. David Burch and Anthony B. Miller and Brad Morrison and Paula Gordon and L H Weldon and Larry W Chambers and George Fodor and G M Winsor},
  volume={2 8038},
A positive association between the use of artificial sweetners, particularly saccharin, and risk of bladder cancer in males has been observed in a case-control study of 480 men and 152 women in three Provinces in Canada. The risk ratio for ever versus never used is 1-6 for males (P=0-009, one-tailed test), and a significant dose-response relationship was obtained for both duration and frequency of use. The population attributable risk for males is estimated at 7%, though for diabetics, who have… CONTINUE READING