Artificial neural networks [Book Review]


Computer M echatronics and the Design of Intelligent Machines and Systems, David Bradley et al. Like design teams that collaborate on important contributions, mechatronics engineers bridge the communication gaps between specialists by supporting the technologies and organizational structures they use. Mechatronics will contribute to intelligent automation by using advanced robots that operate in unstructured environments, possibly from a remote location. Combining machine and human intelligence in a cooperative, mechatronic environment has advantages for operation in construction, subsea, and space environments—where using a robot reduces the risk to which an operator may be exposed. The authors analyze construction robotics, systems for the disabled, manufacturing technologies, and modular robotics in terms of engineering design. Other applications include medical robots, surgical assistants, automated recovery systems, and intelligent agents that act on behalf of the physically disadvantaged and robot explorers. Stanley Thornes, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK; ISBN 0-74875443-1; 348 pp.; $41.25.

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