Artificial multi-enzyme networks for the asymmetric amination of sec-alcohols.


Various artificial network designs that involve biocatalysts were tested for the asymmetric amination of sec-alcohols to the corresponding α-chiral primary amines. The artificial systems tested involved three to five redox enzymes and were exemplary of a range of different sec-alcohol substrates. Alcohols were oxidised to the corresponding ketone by an alcohol dehydrogenase. The ketones were subsequently aminated by employing a ω-transaminase. Of special interest were redox-neutral designs in which the hydride abstracted in the oxidation step was reused in the amination step of the cascade. Under optimised conditions up to 91 % conversion of an alcohol to the amine was achieved.

DOI: 10.1002/chem.201202666

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@article{Tauber2013ArtificialMN, title={Artificial multi-enzyme networks for the asymmetric amination of sec-alcohols.}, author={Katharina C Tauber and Michael Fuchs and Johann H. Sattler and Julia Pitzer and Desiree Pressnitz and Dominik Koszelewski and Kurt Faber and Jan Christoph Pfeffer and Thomas S Haas and Wolfgang Kroutil}, journal={Chemistry}, year={2013}, volume={19 12}, pages={4030-5} }