Artificial intelligence: The future is superintelligent

  title={Artificial intelligence: The future is superintelligent},
  author={Stuart J. Russell},

Logistics Service Supply Chain Model Applying Artificial Intelligence and Big Data Analysis

The logistics service chain is a specialized service chain produced along with the continuous update and development of the logistics industry. It is an inevitable direction choice that is naturally

Recognition and Detection Methods of Artificial Intelligence in Computer Network Faults under the Background of Big Data

  • Meng Ge
  • Computer Science
    Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing
  • 2022
The results show that although the prediction error of the improved network model on the experimental test set is still only 89.3% different from that of the SVM model, its convergence time is reduced to 0.90699885 s, which can effectively detect and identify computer network faults.

Research on Forecasting of Student Grade Based on Adaptive K-Means and Deep Neural Network

The results show that the proposed model feature selection Adaptive-K-means-DNN obtains the best mean of squared residuals both in two student learning data sets, and the influence of mother’s education on students’ performance is very important.

An Oral English Evaluation Model Using Artificial Intelligence Method

Despite the fact that oral English classes have been available since primary school, most students’ oral English skills are poor and they struggle to communicate in simple everyday situations. This

On the Commoditization of Artificial Intelligence

The arguments to demonstrate that AI is moving rapidly in this direction are presented and an artificial intelligence-based organizational framework to gain value-added elements for lowering the impact of AI commoditization is proposed.

Modern Economic System under the Background of Artificial Intelligence

This article mainly conducts a comprehensive research on the financial system through literature research method, content analysis method and research analysis method, and can conclude from the result data that the accuracy of theResearch on the modern economic system has increased by 17%.

Land Resource Management Information Platform Based on Artificial Intelligence Technology

  • Ziyi Jiang
  • Computer Science
    2021 IEEE 2nd International Conference on Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things Engineering (ICBAIE)
  • 2021
The results of function test and performance test show that the land resource management information fully meets the expected design requirements and all the performance indicators meet the requirements.