Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experiments

  title={Artificial flat band systems: from lattice models to experiments},
  author={Daniel Leykam and Alexei Andreanov and Sergej Flach},
  journal={Advances in Physics: X},
Abstract Certain lattice wave systems in translationally invariant settings have one or more spectral bands that are strictly flat or independent of momentum in the tight binding approximation, arising from either internal symmetries or fine-tuned coupling. These flat bands display remarkable strongly interacting phases of matter. Originally considered as a theoretical convenience useful for obtaining exact analytical solutions of ferromagnetism, flat bands have now been observed in a variety… 

Designer flat bands in one-dimensional artificial systems

Certain lattices with specific geometries have one or more spectral bands that are strictly flat, i.e. the electron energy is independent of the momentum. This can occur robustly irrespective of the

Designer flat bands in quasi-one-dimensional atomic lattices

Certain lattices with specific geometries have one or more spectral bands that are strictly flat, i.e. the electron energy is independent of the momentum. This can occur robustly irrespective of the

Kondo lattice mediated interactions in flat-band systems

Electronic flat bands represent a paradigmatic platform to realize strongly correlated matter due to their associated divergent density of states. In common instances, including electron-electron

Perfect localization on flat-band binary one-dimensional photonic lattices

The existence of flat bands is generally thought to be physically possible only for dimensions larger than one. However, by exciting a system with different orthogonal states this condition can be

Localized dynamics arising from multiple flat bands in a decorated photonic Lieb lattice

Photonic lattices have emerged as an ideal testbed for localizing light in space. Among others, the most promising approach is based on flat band systems and their related nondiffracting compact

Flat-Band Localization in Creutz Superradiance Lattices.

The engineering of flat-band localization of collective excited states of atoms in Creutz superradiance lattices with tunable synthetic gauge fields with promising applications in exploring correlated topological materials is reported.

Photonic flat-band lattices and unconventional light localization

Abstract Flat-band systems have attracted considerable interest in different branches of physics in the past decades, providing a flexible platform for studying fundamental phenomena associated with

Universal d=1 flat band generator from compact localized states

The band structure of some translationally invariant lattice Hamiltonians contains strictly dispersionless flatbands(FB). These are induced by destructive interference, and typically host compact

Many-body localization transition from flat-band fine tuning

Translationally invariant flatband Hamiltonians with interactions lead to a many-body localization transition. Our models are obtained from single particle lattices hosting a mix of flat and

Observation of flat-band and band transition in the synthetic space

Abstract. Constructions of synthetic lattices in modulated ring resonators attract growing attention to interesting physics beyond the geometric dimensionality, where complicated connectivities



Compact flat band states in optically induced flatland photonic lattices

We realize low-dimensional tight-binding lattices that host flat bands in their dispersion relation and demonstrate the existence of optical compact flat band states. The lattices are resembled by

Observation of Localized States in Lieb Photonic Lattices.

The first experimental demonstration of a new type of localized state in the continuum, namely, compacton-like linear states in flat-band lattices in photonic Lieb lattices, which exhibit three tight-binding bands.

Compact localized states and flat-band generators in one dimension

Flat bands (FB) are strictly dispersionless bands in the Bloch spectrum of a periodic lattice Hamiltonian, recently observed in a variety of photonic and dissipative condensate networks. FB

Observation of a Localized Flat-Band State in a Photonic Lieb Lattice.

The first experimental realization of a dispersionless state is demonstrated, in a photonic Lieb lattice formed by an array of optical waveguides, which opens an exciting door towards quantum simulation of flat-band models in a highly controllable environment.

Localization of weakly disordered flat band states

Abstract Certain tight binding lattices host macroscopically degenerate flat spectral bands. Their origin is rooted in local symmetries of the lattice, with destructive interference leading to the

Flat bands with nontrivial topology in three dimensions

We construct a simple model for electrons in a three-dimensional crystal where a combination of short-range hopping and spin-orbit coupling results in nearly flat bands characterized by a nontrivial

Observation of localized flat-band modes in a quasi-one-dimensional photonic rhombic lattice.

In the future, the use of photonic rhombic lattices, together with the successful implementation of a synthetic gauge field, will enable the observation of Aharonov-Bohm photonic caging.

Observation of localized flat-band states in Kagome photonic lattices.

This work reports the first experimental demonstration of localized flat-band states in optically induced Kagome photonic lattices and demonstrates a high-fidelity transmission of complex patterns in such two-dimensional pyrochlore-like photonic structures.

Bosonic Condensation and Disorder-Induced Localization in a Flat Band.

The engineering of a nondispersive (flat) energy band in a geometrically frustrated lattice of micropillar optical cavities offers a novel approach to studying coherent phases of light and matter under the controlled interplay of frustration, interactions, and dissipation.

Defect States Emerging from a non-Hermitian Flat Band of Photonic Zero Modes

In this work we show that there exists a flat band consisting of photonic zero modes in a gain and loss modulated lattice system, as a result of the underlying non-Hermitian particle-hole (NHPH)