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Artificial Intelligence at the Edge

  title={Artificial Intelligence at the Edge},
  author={Elisa Bertino and Sujata Banerjee},
The Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing applications aim to support a variety of societal needs, including the global pandemic situation that the entire world is currently experiencing and responses to natural disasters. The need for real-time interactive applications such as immersive video conferencing, augmented/virtual reality, and autonomous vehicles, in education, healthcare, disaster recovery and other domains, has never been higher. At the same time, there have been recent… 

Mobile Edge Intelligence and Computing for the Internet of Vehicles

Key design issues, methodologies, and hardware platforms are introduced, including edge-assisted perception, mapping, and localization for intelligent IoV, and typical use cases for intelligent vehicles are illustrated.

Towards to an Embedded Edge AI Implementation for Longitudinal Rip Detection in Conveyor Belt

The results obtained show the feasibility of using Edge AI to solve complex problems in a mining environment such as detecting longitudinal rips and stimulate the continuity of the work considering new scenarios and operational conditions in the search for a robust and replicable solution.

Deep Learning Approach at the Edge to Detect Iron Ore Type

The results obtained in the field tests of the prototype indicate the feasibility of using deep learning at the edge to detect the type of iron ore and prevent its risk of avalanche.

A Fast Attention Network for Joint Intent Detection and Slot Filling on Edge Devices

A clean and parameter-refined attention module is introduced to enhance the information exchange between intent and slot, improving semantic accuracy by more than 2% and reducing the inference latency to less than 100ms.

Conveyor Belt Longitudinal Rip Detection Implementation with Edge AI

The results encourage the development of a complete solution for the detection of defects in conveyor belts considering all the operational conditions found in the mining environment.