Artificial Intelligence Edge Applications in 5G Networks

  title={Artificial Intelligence Edge Applications in 5G Networks},
  author={Carlota Villasante Marcos},
In recent years, the 5th Generation of mobile communications has been thoroughly researched to improve the previous 4G capabilities. As opposed to earlier architectures, 5G Networks provide low latency access to services with high reliability. Additionally, they allow exploring new opportunities for applications that need to offload computing load in the network with a realtime response. This paper analyzes the feasibility of a real-time Computer Vision use case model in small devices using a… 



5G service requirements and operational use cases: Analysis and METIS II vision

The landscape of 5G use cases is analyzed and METIS-II 5GUse cases that cover the main 5G services, have stringent requirements and whose technical solutions are expected to serve other similar use cases as well are presented.

Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer

This document defines the standard algorithm that Transmission Control Protocol senders are required to use to compute and manage their retransmission timer and upgrades the requirement of supporting the algorithm from a SHOULD to a MUST.

Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer", RFC 6298

  • DOI 10.17487/RFC6298,
  • 2011

What role will Artificial Intelligence have in the mobile networks of the future ?

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Computer Vision Applications – Shopping, Driving and More.,, last accessed 2020/10/22

  • 2020

Image recognition applications in the era of 5G

    Computer Vision Applications -Shopping, Driving and More