Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are New Recruiters

  title={Artificial Intelligence Chatbots are New Recruiters},
  author={Nishad Nawaz and Anjali Mary Gomes},
  journal={Organizational Communication eJournal},
  • N. Nawaz, A. Gomes
  • Published 18 January 2020
  • Business, Computer Science
  • Organizational Communication eJournal
The purpose of the paper is to assess the artificial intelligence chatbots influence on recruitment process. The authors explore how chatbots offered service delivery to attract and candidates engagement in the recruitment process. The aim of the study is to identify chatbots impact across the recruitment process. The study is completely based on secondary sources like conceptual papers, peer reviewed articles, websites are used to present the current paper. The paper found that artificial… 

A study of Human Resources Development through Chatbots using Artificial Intelligence

The ramifications of chatbots in the cutting edge period is recognized as Artificial Intelligence (AI) grounded PC program that mimics human visits and HR chatbots can give quick criticism on the viability of preparing modules.

Are chatbots really useful for human resource management?

An overview of the chatbots in HRM, often called as a HR-bot, is studied to emphasise the usefulness in real time considering the relevant challenges such as cost factor, complex business domains, limited responsiveness etc.

Peran Chatbot Dalam Mendukung Smart Service pada Smart Library

  • Shiddiq Sugiono
  • Computer Science
    VISI PUSTAKA: Buletin Jaringan Informasi Antar Perpustakaan
  • 2022
The results show that there are at least 2 benefits that can be obtained from implementing chatbots in library information services, namely: personalized information services and integration of cyberspace with libraries.

Internal Talent Management Chatbot: find the right employee at the right time

Chatbot for internal Talent Management is introduced, showing how supervisors can find suitable employees within the organization and employees can share their project experience, skills, language levels and much more with the chatbot.

Using Artificial Intelligence to Speed Up Post-Recruitment Process

  • Srishti Gupta
  • Computer Science
    International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology
  • 2020
This BOT uses the Artificial Intelligence domain in a way that the responses provided by the person will help the bot analyse what technical aspect he might be good at to make him understand where his alliance lies.

Transformations in the Recruiting Services and Digitalization

The article discusses a scope of relevant issues concerning recruitment market; in particular, its analysis in the conditions of digitalization. It assesses the companies’ strategies of the economic

Interview Bot Development with Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

. Interview for competency assessment takes essential roles in Human Resource Management practices. However, the traditional competency interview process needs considerable time and costs and often

Artificial Intelligence Is Transforming Recruitment Effectiveness in CMMI Level Companies

  • N. Nawaz
  • Business
    International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering
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The paper is to examine the artificial intelligent (AI) on recruitment effectiveness, the study made in CMMI (capability maturity model integration) software companies of Bangalore, collected data

The Recruitment and Selection HR process through Artificial Intelligence: an analysis of the aspects of acceptance, validity and interaction with the human decision maker

The problem I intend to address in my industrial PhD is the lack of data regarding the acceptance and experience of users involved in the transformation of recruitment and selection processes as a

Intent Identification and Analysis for User-centered Chatbot Design: A Case Study on the Example of Recruiting Chatbots in Germany

The procedure for developing chatbots using the example of an application in recruiting is described as well as approaches for the analysis and consolidation of intents, and how corresponding measures affect the quality of intention identification is shown.



Transparency in Maintenance of Recruitment Chatbots

Experiences with implementing conversational agents in the recruitment domain based on a machine learning (ML) system and how a key contact role poses challenges for transparency in sustained maintenance of this kind of ML-based mediating system are reported on.

Chatbots and the new world of HCI

If technology giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft are right, the authors will be moving their digital interaction from websites and apps with graphical user interfaces to messaging platforms such as Messenger and Allo, and huge challenges and opportunities await in the field of HCI.

Human Resource Information System: A Review of Previous Studies

Abstract Purpose - This paper aims to review research on the topic human resource information system to establish the current body of knowledge, on this regard, to suggest some promising avenues for

A Comprehensive Literature Review of the Digital HR Research Filed

Purpose: This paper aims to review on the topic of HR and Technology to establish the current trends of HR Technology and, on this basis, to suggest some promising avenues for future research.

Robotic Process Automation for Recruitment Process

  • Dr Nishad Nawaz
  • Business
  • 2019
The role of technology and impact of RPA on the recruitment industry as well as clients in the Industry and the highlighted Inputs for successful integration and possible applications for recruitment industry are explained.

AI, performance management and engagement: keeping your best their best

O neof the biggest impacts of artificial intelligence (AI) on HR is and will continue to be around performance management. Adobe showed us years ago that performance management is not just a one-time

The impact of emerging technologies on work: a review of the evidence and implications for the human resource function

Evidence suggests that the latest technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, are being employed by organisations to automate simple and repetitive tasks as well as to make complex decisions quickly and more accurately via predictive algorithms.

HR in the digital age: how digital technology will change HR’s organization structure, processes and roles

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the transformative impact of digital technology on the types of services offered by HR and how those services are delivered. The authors explore how