Artifacts in the definition of toxicity by cyanides and cyanogens.

  title={Artifacts in the definition of toxicity by cyanides and cyanogens.},
  author={Bryan Ballantyne},
  journal={Fundamental and applied toxicology : official journal of the Society of Toxicology},
  volume={3 5},
  • Bryan Ballantyne
  • Published 1983 in
    Fundamental and applied toxicology : official…
Misleading conclusions may be drawn in defining toxicity from administered cyanides or cyanogens if meticulous attention to detail is not given in the design, conduct and interpretation of experimental and analytical procedures. Problems may occur if specimens are not appropriately stored or if interfering factors, such as antidotal agents, are present. Measurement of whole blood cyanide concentrations is valuable for diagnostic purposes, but plasma concentrations may give a better functional… CONTINUE READING
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