Articulatory Effort and its Durational and Electromyographic Correlates

  title={Articulatory Effort and its Durational and Electromyographic Correlates},
  author={Iman H. Slis},
  pages={171 - 188}
  • I. Slis
  • Published 1 May 1971
  • Medicine
  • Phonetica

Prosodically conditioned articulatory variations: A review

Utterances are comprised of words belonging to various syntactic classes (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.). The arrangement of these words follows precise syntactic rules, specified in the Grammar of

Variations articulatoires en debut de constituants prosodiques de differents niveaux en francais

Dans cette these, je montre qu'en francais l'articulation d'un segment place en position initiale dans un constituant est fonction du niveau prosodique de ce constituant. Un segment initial dans un

Suites de Consonnes en Berbère : Phonétique et Phonologie

J'ai traite lors de cette these de deux aspects lies au phenomene des suites consonantiques en berbere chleuh : les mots sourds et les consonnes geminees. J'ai adopte l'approche dite de " la

Effects of linguistic correlates of stuttering on Emg activity in nonstuttering speakers.

The findings corroborated assumptions, showing that words in sentence initial position have shorter word and vowel durations in combination with an increase in IEMG activity, and higher order (linguistic) specifications can have clear effects on speech motor production.

1 54 , 000 American Stops

An analysis of oral and nasal stops, affricates, oral and nasal flaps, and glottal stops was conducted using data from the TIMIT database. The results offer descriptions of the frequency of these