Articulations of Self and Politics in Activist Discourse

  title={Articulations of Self and Politics in Activist Discourse},
  author={Jan Zienkowski},

The interview as an opportunity for participant reflexivity

This article illustrates participant reflexivity in an interview. Even though scholars have called for ‘a consideration of real-time reflexivity as a means of reconfiguring the participant within

Poststructuralist discourse theory as an independent paradigm for studying institutions: Towards a new definition of ‘discursive construction’ in institutional analysis

Poststructuralist discourse theory (DT) is enjoying increasing recognition for its potential to contribute to the study of institutional change and continuity. Yet the most fruitful approach to

The polyphonic critique of trade unions: unpacking the logics of union critical discourse

ABSTRACT Trade unions have been the object of sustained critique coming from across the political spectrum for several decades now. Based on a discourse theoretical analysis of articles in three

Asserting racism’s relativity: an interpretive and functional discourse analysis of Flemish nationalist re-articulations of the problematic of racism

ABSTRACT This paper focuses on a controversial nationalist discourse that asserts that racism is [a] relative [concept]. It provides a discourse analysis of the functions these assertions and

Hegemony, Discourse, and Political Strategy

  • Thomas Jacobs
  • Sociology
    Discourse Approaches to Politics, Society and Culture
  • 2022

Chapter 3. “It is, perhaps more than ever before, a matter of participation”

People Engaging with Justice: Petitions to the Scottish Parliament

  • R. Breeze
  • Law, History
    International Journal for the Semiotics of Law - Revue internationale de Sémiotique juridique
  • 2020
When the new Scottish Parliament was established through the Scotland Act of 1998, various innovative steps were taken to guarantee greater public participation in political processes. One of these

Voice, agency and identity: a positive discourse analysis of ‘resistance’ in the rhetoric of Kwame Nkrumah

ABSTRACT This paper uses positive discourse analysis to examine an independence leader's resistance rhetoric against colonialism, imperialism and neocolonialism. It analyses speeches delivered by

Exploring the Non-Discursive: A Three-Layered Approach to Discourse and Its Boundaries

  • J. Roch
  • Sociology
    Fuzzy Boundaries in Discourse Studies
  • 2019
This chapter outlines a comprehensive three-layered approach to the study of discourse and its boundaries. It argues that Critical Discourse Studies (CDS) may benefit from a sociologically-informed