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Articulated Manipulator for Visually Impaired People ( AMVIP ) Viet

  title={Articulated Manipulator for Visually Impaired People ( AMVIP ) Viet},
  author={Trinh and Jack Baskin},
Assistive technology for visually impaired (VI) people has recently received tremendous attention in the industry: from a start-up to a multinational corporation. However, these efforts mostly concentrate in self-localization and guidance to specific destinations in a verbal format, but are unaware of other communication channels (i.e.: languages). A desire to help a VI individual communicating confidently with people having other disabilities is the main purpose of this project. The project… Expand


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Chapter 3: Inverse manipulator kinematics.Introduction to robotics: Mechanics and control (3rd ed.)
  • 1989
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