Article processing charges, altmetrics and citation impact: Is there an economic rationale?

  title={Article processing charges, altmetrics and citation impact: Is there an economic rationale?},
  author={Abdelghani Maddi and David Sapinho},
  pages={7351 - 7368}
The present study aims to analyze (1) the relationship between Citation Normalized Score of scientific publications and Article Processing Charges (APCs) of Gold Open Access (OA) publications (2) the determinants of APCs. To do so, we used APCs information provided by the OpenAPC database, citation scores of publications from the WoS database and, for Altmetrics, data from database, over the period from 2006 to 2019 for 83,752 articles published in 4751 journals belonging to 267… 

Determinants of article processing charges for hybrid and gold open access journals

  • S. Asai
  • Business
    Information Discovery and Delivery
  • 2022
Purpose While the number of hybrid journals has increased with the conversion from subscription journals, article processing charges (APCs) have not been examined as frequently as gold open access

Sustainability reporting nexus to corporate governance in scholarly literature

Sustainability reporting has become a practice of the majority and is decided by boards of directors as the supreme governing body in the decision-making process of companies. The paper provides a

Game theory and scholarly publishing: premises for an agreement around open access

A model for the publishing market based on the literature as well as on changes in open science policies is proposed, relying on game theory in economics to show that in the short term, the publisher's equilibrium strategy is to adopt a hybridpublishing model, while the institutions' equilibrium Strategy is to publish in OA.

Does Open Access Really Increase Impact? A Large-Scale Randomized Analysis

HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not, for teaching and research institutions in France or abroad, or from public or private research centers.



Article Processing Charges based publications: to which extent the price explains scientific impact?

The present study aims to analyze relationship between Citations Normalized Score (NCS) of scientific publications and Article Processing Charges (APCs) amounts of Gold Open access publications. To

Article processing charges: Mirroring the citation impact or legacy of the subscription-based model?

The results of the multivariate linear regression show that the journal’s impact and hybrid status are the most important factors for the level of APCs, however, the relationship between APC and SNIP is different for open-access journals and hybrid journals.

The citation advantage for open access science journals with and without article processing charges

The results suggest that authors should consider field- and discipline-related differences in the OA citation advantage, especially when they are considering non-APC OA journals categorised in two or more subjects, and may encourage OA publishing at least in the science class.

Article processing charges in OA journals: relationship between price and quality

A systematic survey of prices charged by Open Access journals indexed in Scopus revealed a moderate correlation between the APCs and Source Normalized Impact per Paper values, a measure of citation rates, which would seem to indicate that while publishers to some extent take the quality into account when pricing their journals, authors are even more sensitive to the relationship between price and quality in their choices of where to submit their manuscripts.

A study of open access journals using article processing charges

This study studied the APCs charged and article volumes of journals that were listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals as charging APCs, finding that Professionally published journals had substantially higher APCs than journals published by societies, universities, or scholars/researchers.

The citation advantage of author-pays model: the case of Springer and Elsevier OA journals

This is the first large scale study concentrating on all APC-funded OA journals published by Springer and Elsevier as the two greatest publishers authorizing and embracing the model, finding the OA papers have been exponentially increased in recent years and are found to outperform the TA ones in their impacts.

Open access versus subscription journals: a comparison of scientific impact

Comparisons with subscription journals indicate that OA journals indexed in Web of Science and/or Scopus are approaching the same scientific impact and quality as subscription journals, particularly in biomedicine and for journals funded by article processing charges.

Altmetrics, alternative indicators for Web of Science Communication studies journals

The results show how only a few platforms have significant coverage for studying the whole and in the case of Mendeley and Twitter, the coverage is superior to the citations offered by Web of Science.

Use of the journal impact factor for assessing individual articles need not be wrong

A theoretical analysis of statistical arguments against the use of the impact factor at the level of individual articles shows that these arguments do not support the conclusion that the impact factors should be used for assessing individual articles.

Do journals flipping to gold open access show an OA citation or publication advantage?

Evidence was obtained of an OA Citation advantage but not of anOA Publication Advantage, and shifts in the affiliation countries of publishing and citing authors are characterized in terms of countries’ income class and geographical world region.