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Article original / Original article Interprétation des concentrations de GHB mesurées dans les cheveux Interpretation of GHB concentrations in hair

  title={Article original / Original article Interpr{\'e}tation des concentrations de GHB mesur{\'e}es dans les cheveux Interpretation of GHB concentrations in hair},
  author={Vincent Cirimele and Markus R. Baumgartner and Emilie Vallet and Mathieu Duez},
Objective: Due to the fact that the half-life of GHB is very short in blood, the potential use of hair to document GHB exposure has been increasingly investigated for many years. The goal of this work is to determine GHB concentrations in controlled subjects, chronic GHB abusers and victims of GHB-facilitated crimes. Methods: For GHB testing, hair strands are decontaminated in methylene and segmented. After grinding the specimen thinly and weighing it (5 to 30 mg), the specimen is incubated in… 


Testing for GHB in hair by GC/MS/MS after a single exposure. Application to document sexual assault.
This study demonstrates that a single exposure to GHB in a case of sexual assault can be documented by hair analysis when collected about one month after the crime.
GHB: a new and novel drug of abuse.