Article Commentary: The destiny of a name

  title={Article Commentary: The destiny of a name},
  author={Ralph Slovenko},
  journal={Journal of Psychiatry and Law},
  pages={227 - 270}
  • R. Slovenko
  • Published 1 June 1983
  • Psychology
  • Journal of Psychiatry and Law
Influence of Names on Career Choices in Medicine
The initial letters of physicians' last names were significantly related to their subspecialty, for example, Raymonds were more likely to be radiologists than dermatologists, which provides further evidence names influence medical career choices. Expand
Le prénom : un élément de l'identité participant à l'évaluation de soi et d'autrui
L’etude de l’incidence exercee par les prenoms appartient a la recherche en psychologie. Apres plus d’un demi-siecle d’investigations scientifiques, il est maintenant etabli que cet element deExpand
The epidemiology of dual diagnosis
The article closes with a discussion of ways epidemiologic research can be used to help target and evaluate interventions aimed at preventing secondary substance use disorders by treating early-onset primary mental disorders. Expand
“Appropriate”; name usage: Didactic and clinical incongruity
It is revealed that medical students did not employ essential concepts of previous instruction regarding name usage in their interactions with patients, and patients’ assessments of the manner in which the majority of physican‐teachers addressed patients was inconsistent with precepts presented in the classroom. Expand
The National Comorbidity Survey of the United States
The NCS is the first psychiatric epidemiologic survey to administer a broadbased research diagnostic interview to a nationally representative sample of the United States and shows that lifetime and recent psychiatric morbidity are a good deal more prevalent than previously thought to be the case. Expand
First names and perceptions of physical attractiveness.
  • P. Erwin
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of psychology
  • 1993
The impact of first names on ratings of physical attractiveness as judged by British undergraduate subjects using male and female full-face pictures presented on photographic slides with attractive names, unattractive names, or without any name indicated was examined. Expand