Arthur’s Battles and the Volcanic Winter of 536–37

  title={Arthur’s Battles and the Volcanic Winter of 536–37},
  author={Andrew Charles Breeze},
  journal={Northern History},
  pages={161 - 172}
  • A. Breeze
  • Published 2 July 2016
  • History
  • Northern History
A volcAnic eruption in the Americas, producing both a world famine and a world cycle of literature, is one of history’s stranger tricks, yet seemingly happened in the year 535. The traditional suspect is in El Salvador, where Ilopango is thought that year to have exploded and collapsed, leaving a crater ten miles long. Whatever its exact date, the paroxysm (amongst the greatest in 200,000 years) was catastrophic for the local Mayas. Ilopango or another volcano on the American Continent will… Expand
A spate of archaeological, historical and scientific publications have recently argued that the dust veil from a volcanic eruption (or series of eruptions) caused climatic change, which ‘forced’Expand
Radiocarbon and geologic evidence reveal Ilopango volcano as source of the colossal ‘mystery’ eruption of 539/40 CE
Abstract Ilopango volcano (El Salvador) erupted violently during the Maya Classic Period (250–900 CE) in a densely-populated and intensively-cultivated region of the southern Maya realm, causingExpand
The Sources and Contributors of the Northern Memorandum and its Heirs
Abstract From the moment the first scholars tried to understand the events of Britain during the fifth and early sixth centuries, two British historical documents have been central to their efforts,Expand


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