Arthroscopically-assisted treatment of pediatric lateral humeral condyle fractures.

  title={Arthroscopically-assisted treatment of pediatric lateral humeral condyle fractures.},
  author={Michael R. Hausman and Sheeraz Al Qureshi and Rachel A Goldstein and Joshua R. Langford and Raymond A Klug and Timothy E Radomisli and Bradford O. Parsons},
  journal={Journal of pediatric orthopedics},
  volume={27 7},
BACKGROUND Pediatric lateral humeral condyle fractures are common injuries. Current treatment recommendations include nonoperative treatment for nondisplaced Milch type 1 fractures; however, truly nondisplaced fractures may be rare. Although closed reduction and percutaneous pinning under arthrographic visualization are most commonly used, anatomical reconstitution of the articular surface may require a lateral Kocher approach. This approach may compromise the vascularity of the distal fragment… CONTINUE READING


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