Arthroscopic treatment of talar body fractures.


Talar fractures can be severe injuries with complications leading to functional disability. Open reduction-internal fixation remains the treatment of choice for displaced talar fractures. Arthroscopic evaluation of the fracture and articular surfaces can play an important role in the treatment of these fractures. Arthroscopic reduction-internal fixation (ARIF) is increasingly used for certain intra-articular fracture types through the body. The minimally invasive nature of ARIF and high accuracy are enviable attributes of an evolving technique. This technical note describes arthroscopic evaluation of 2 intra-articular talar head fractures, using posterior portals, with ARIF performed in 1 case and excision of the fracture fragments in the other case.

DOI: 10.1016/j.eats.2013.12.002

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@article{Jorgensen2014ArthroscopicTO, title={Arthroscopic treatment of talar body fractures.}, author={Nicholas B Jorgensen and Michael John Lutz}, journal={Arthroscopy techniques}, year={2014}, volume={3 2}, pages={e271-4} }