Arthroscopic treatment of calcaneonavicular coalition in children.


Calcaneonavicular coalition is a common source of pain and more or less severe flat and stiff foot in children. Classically, treatment consists in resecting the coalition using a dorsolateral approach. Good quality resection and interposition can prevent recurrence. The most common complications are infection, hematoma and neuroma. Arthroscopy offers a minimally invasive alternative, but the optimal approach remains undetermined. We describe a surgical technique with an approach based on the anterolateral process of the calcaneus, in three cases with 12 months' follow-up. Arthroscopic resection has certain advantages: recovery is quicker, and the esthetic result is better. For the instrumental portal, skin incision should be superficial, followed by blunt dissection of subcutaneous tissue to avoid superficial peroneal nerve injury. Although longer term follow-up is needed, arthroscopy seems to be an attractive minimally invasive technique in this kind of pathology.

DOI: 10.1016/j.otsr.2011.03.017

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