Arthropod abundance and diversity in Bt and non-Bt rice fields.

  title={Arthropod abundance and diversity in Bt and non-Bt rice fields.},
  author={Fang-Fang Li and Gōngy{\'i}n Y{\`e} and Qiong Wu and Yu-fa Peng and Xue-xin Chen},
  journal={Environmental entomology},
  volume={36 3},
In a field experiment, possible effects of transgenic Bt rice on arthropod communities under paddy field conditions were assessed for 3 yr in terms of arthropod guild dominance, family composition, dominance distribution of each guild, individuals of each guild, and community indices (including Shannon-Weaver diversity index and dominant concentration index). Our results overall suggested no significant differences between the Bt and control rice plots in these arthropod community-specific… CONTINUE READING

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