Arthrobacter gandavensis sp. nov., for strains of veterinary origin.


Three strains of a previously undescribed, Gram-positive, coryneform bacterium, which were isolated from cattle, were subjected to polyphasic taxonomic analysis. Comparative 16S rRNA gene sequencing revealed that the unknown isolates were members of the genus Arthrobacter and were phylogenetically closely related to Arthrobacter luteolus. However, DNA-DNA… (More)


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@article{Storms2003ArthrobacterGS, title={Arthrobacter gandavensis sp. nov., for strains of veterinary origin.}, author={Virginie Storms and Luc A. Devriese and Renata Coopman and Peter Schumann and Frank Vyncke and M. Meredith Gillis}, journal={International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology}, year={2003}, volume={53 Pt 6}, pages={1881-4} }