Arthritis induced with minor cartilage proteins.

  title={Arthritis induced with minor cartilage proteins.},
  author={Stefan Carls{\'e}n and Shemin Lu and Rikard Holmdahl},
  journal={Methods in molecular medicine},
Type XI collagen (CXI) and cartilage oligomeric matrix protein (COMP) are minor components in cartilage, shown to be arthritogenic. CXI is a heterotrimeric triple helical fibrillar collagen and intermingled in the collagen fibers with type II (CII). COMP is the major noncollagenous protein of cartilage and is a homopentamer, interacting with the collagen fibers with each of its subunits. Similar to CII, homologous rat CXI also induces a chronic arthritis in rats but with a different major… CONTINUE READING

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