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Bilateral subclavian arteries passing in front of the scalenus anterior muscles
A very rare case of bilateral subclavian arteries passing in front of the scalenus anterior muscles in a cadaver observed in a 73-year-old Japanese male cadavers during a dissection session for students in 2004.
Intranasal Flunisolide Suppresses Pathological Alterations Caused by Silica Particles in the Lungs of Mice
Silicosis is an occupational disease triggered by the inhalation of fine particles of crystalline silica and characterized by inflammation and scarring in the form of nodular lesions in the lungs. In
Microsurgical Anatomy of the Labyrinthine Artery and Clinical Relevance.
The implication of these anatomic findings for cerebello-pontine angle tumors surgery and neurovascular pathology such as infarction, aneurysm of the LA or the AICA are reviewed and discussed.
Targeted delivery of siRNA to differentiated murine myotubes in culture by a conjugate of cationic oligopeptide with FS2 venom
A conjugate of the ligand of FS2 venom dihydropyridine receptors with a cationic arginine-containing oligopeptide was synthesized. It was found that the conjugate provides siRNA delivery to murine
Impaired capsaicin-induced relaxation of coronary arteries in a porcine model of the metabolic syndrome.
Data indicate that TRPV1 channels are functionally expressed in the coronary circulation and mediate endothelium-dependent vasodilation through a mechanism involving nitric oxide and K+ channels.
TRPC3 mediates pyrimidine receptor-induced depolarization of cerebral arteries.
It is observed that suppression of arterial SMC TRPC3 expression with antisense oligodeoxynucleotides significantly decreased the depolarization and constriction of intact cerebral arteries in response to UTP, and that TRPC2 and TRPC6 may be differentially regulated by receptor activation and mechanical stimulation, respectively.
Mean Values ( ± SD ) for Lipids , Apolipoproteins , and Their Ratio in Two 940
Results of the immunochemical quantitation indicate that delipidation of lipoproteins before Laurell electrophoresis may not be necessary if only freshly drawn sera are used.
Effect of NO on EDHF response in rat middle cerebral arteries.
It is demonstrated that the EDHF response is not suppressed by NO in cerebral vessels and suggests a role for EDHF during normal physiological conditions.