Arterial stiffness and influences of the metabolic syndrome: a cross-countries study.

  title={Arterial stiffness and influences of the metabolic syndrome: a cross-countries study.},
  author={Angelo Scuteri and Pedro Guimar{\~a}es Cunha and Enrico Agabiti Rosei and Jolita Badariere and Sofie Bekaert and John R. Cockcroft and Jorge Cotter and Francesco Cucca and Marc L D De Buyzere and Tim de Meyer and Luigi Ferrucci and Osca Franco and Nichols Gale and Thierry C Gillebert and Albert Hofman and Michel R. Langlois and Aleksandras Laucevi{\vc}ius and St{\'e}phane Laurent and Francesco U S Mattace Raso and Cristopher H Morrell and Maria Lorenza Muiesan and Margaret M Munnery and R. Navickas and Pedro Nuno Oliveira and Marco Orru' and Maria Grazia Pilia and Ernst R. Rietzschel and Ligita Ryli{\vs}kytė and Massimo Salvetti and David Schlessinger and Nuno Sousa and Christodoulos Stefanadis and James B. Strait and Caroline M. Van daele and Isabel Villa and Charalambos Vlachopoulos and Jacqueline C. M. Witteman and Panagiotis Xaplanteris and Peter Nilsson and Edward G. Lakatta},
  volume={233 2},
Specific clusters of metabolic syndrome (MetS) components impact differentially on arterial stiffness, indexed as pulse wave velocity (PWV). Of note, in several population-based studies participating in the MARE (Metabolic syndrome and Arteries REsearch) Consortium the occurrence of specific clusters of MetS differed markedly across Europe and the US. The… CONTINUE READING