Arterial platelet accumulation in experimental hypercholesterolemia.

  title={Arterial platelet accumulation in experimental hypercholesterolemia.},
  author={Mickey L. Armstrong and Richard Einer Peterson and J. C. Hoak and M B Megan and F-Z. Cheng and William Clarke},
  volume={36 1},
Accumulation of arterial platelets was calculated from 51Cr radioactivity in the intima-inner media of flushed, perfuse-fixed aortas and branch vessels of cynomolgus monkeys 48 hours after labeling of the blood platelets. In normo-cholesterolemic controls the radioactivity per square centimeter of tissue was consistently higher in aortic branching sites (circumostial aorta) than in the remainder of the aorta. In monkeys given 10 and 100 days of hypercholesterolemic diet radioactivity rose in… CONTINUE READING