Artemisinin antimalarials do not inhibit hemozoin formation.

  title={Artemisinin antimalarials do not inhibit hemozoin formation.},
  author={Richard K. Haynes and Diego Monti and Donatella Taramelli and Nicoletta Basilico and Silvia Parapini and Piero Olliaro},
  journal={Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy},
  volume={47 3},
The mechanism of action of artemisinin antimalarials may be ascribed to C-centered radicals that alkylate biomolecules or to the peroxide moiety, which inhibits a specific, as yet undefined, target (4). It is also proposed that artemisinins kill the parasite through inhibition of hemozoin formation, thereby allowing buildup of toxic heme monomer (1, 2, 5). Artemisinin and dihydroartemisinin may be unstable under aqueous conditions used for hemozoin studies; ring-opened products (3) may… CONTINUE READING