Artefact: A Framework for Low-Overhead Web-Based Collaborative Systems

  title={Artefact: A Framework for Low-Overhead Web-Based Collaborative Systems},
  author={Jeffrey L. Brandenburg and Boyce Byerly and Tom Dobridge and Jinkun Lin and Dharmaraja Rajan and Timothy Roscoe},
The Artefact framework is a tool for building collaborative applications that deliver = representations of art objectoriented appXcation space to standard browsers. We present some aspects of Artefact’s implementation, including_ enhancements to support synchronous collaboration, the decoup~ng of inputand output in the interaction protocol, a lighhveight gened-purpose Javaappleqand tie Wera~en~ that bridge the gap behveen a browser and an appficahon. We describe some of the characteristics that… CONTINUE READING
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