ArtScience: Integrative Collaboration to Create a Sustainable Future

  title={ArtScience: Integrative Collaboration to Create a Sustainable Future},
  author={Bob Root-Bernstein and Todd Lael Siler and Adam Brown and Kenneth Snelson},
Interdisciplinary, transdisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, intermedia, transmedia and multimedia are becoming ever more prominent within the sciences, technology and the arts. These new ways of conceiving knowledge and its products creates opportunities and confusion about objectives. To stimulate discussion about where new arts and sciences should intersect, we propose an overarching synthesis we call “ArtScience” [1]. ArtScience integrates all human knowledge through the processes of invention… 

Foundations of ArtScience: towards a synthesis of artistic creation and scientific investigation

Aim & scope of the paper: There has been a rise of interest, in both academic and nonacademic circles, for the practice in becoming, the so called ArtScience. In this paper, we aim to better

Foundations of ArtScience: Formulating the Problem

While art and science still functioned side-by-side during the Renaissance, their methods and perspectives diverged during the nineteenth century, creating a still enduring separation between the

An Organizational Perspective on ArtScience Collaboration: Opportunities and Challenges of Platforms to Collaborate with Artists

Artists are often seen as innovators and producers of creative and extraordinary new ideas. Additionally, experiencing art and artistic processes is an important opportunity for learning and

Doubling Down on Wicked Problems: Ocean ArtScience Collaborations for a Sustainable Future

The UN Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development recognizes the current ocean sustainability crisis and calls for a transformation of ocean science. Many of the key challenges recognized by

Art, Science and Communities of Practice

ABSTRACT Through editorials such as Bob Root-Bernstein’s ArtScience “manifesto” in Leonardo Vol. 44, No. 3 (2011), Leonardo has long encouraged a broader and more inclusive understanding of the

ArtScience and the Metaphors of Embodied Realism

Research that crosses traditional disciplinary boundaries in search of innovative and enduring solutions to real-world physical, societal and economic problems continues to become increasingly

Creative Partnerships and Cultural Organisations: “Enabling” and “Situating” Arts–Science Collaboration and Collective Learning

Arts–science activities are proliferating globally, and they are demonstrating significant capacity to shift public thinking (and potentially action) in new ways that confront many of the pertinent

A transdisciplinary collaborative journey leading to sensorial clothing

ABSTRACT Recent science funding initiatives have enabled participants from a diverse array of disciplines to engage in common spaces for developing solutions for new wearables. These initiatives

Observation and visualization: reflections on the relationship between science, visual arts, and the evolution of the scientific image

The author reflects on the historical relevance of visual representations for science and argues that the connection between art and science seems to have diminished during the twentieth century, but is currently growing stronger through digital media and new imaging methods.

Communicating science is an art! What do artists who work in an itinerant science museum say?

The research presented in this article sought to investigate the visions and perceptions of artists involved in the context of a traveling science museum in respect to science communication, the role



Artscience: Creativity in the Post-Google Generation

Scientists are famous for believing in the proven and peer-accepted, the very ground that pioneering artists often subvert; they recognize correct and incorrect where artists see only true and false.

Sparks of genius

In his excellent obituary of Hans Bethe (April p12), Jeremy Bernstein overlooked Bethe's role in fostering Richard Feynman.

Breaking the mind barrier : the artscience of neurocosmology

Inventing the Future at MIT

  • Penguin Books,
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Inventing the Future at MIT. Penguin Books

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