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Art or Sound.

  title={Art or Sound.},
  author={Michele D’Aurizio},
The article reviews the art exhibition "Art or Sound," which featured works by various contemporary artists including Doug Aitken, held at the Fondazione Prada in Venice, Italy, in 2014. 
Staging the Kinetic: How music automata sensitise audiences to sound art
It is argued that the curators staged the automated kinetic as a key historical link between mechanical musical instruments and contemporary sound art, and that they tried to tap into specific dimensions of public fascination with musical automata to open their audiences’ senses to sound art. Expand


The Origins of the Orchestra Machine
During that summer, the music of the changing of the guard delighted him more than before. When they passed by his house, he would open the middle door of the room in the back in which he lived,Expand
Earth Sound Earth Signal: Energies and Earth Magnitude in the Arts
Earth Sound Earth Signal is a study of energies in aesthetics and the arts, from the birth of modern communications in the nineteenth century to the global transmissions of the present day. DouglasExpand
Mesmerized: Powers of Mind in Victorian Britain
Thousands of men and women all across Britain in the Victorian age were being mesmerized, twisted into bizarre postures and speaking out in unknown languages, and the Victorians were literallyExpand
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Human Personality and Its Survival of Bodily Death