Art in the Streets: Modern Art, Museum Practice and the Urban Environment in Contemporary Morocco

  title={Art in the Streets: Modern Art, Museum Practice and the Urban Environment in Contemporary Morocco},
  author={Katarzyna Pieprzak},
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Every summer, cultural festivals take place all over Morocco, and streets in towns and cities become animated scenes for the articulation of Moroccan contemporary culture. So animated, heterogeneous and pluralistic has this festival scene become that the semiofficial newspaper for the Islamist PJD party has called these street festivals “vectors of decadence” and performing-artist union officials have declared that they feel threatened by the “foreign invasion” of internationally-based diaspora… 



Youth Festivals and Museums: The Cultural Politics of Public Memory in Postcolonial Mali

Public memory practices are essentially political, and in postcolonial Mali, as elsewhere in Africa, the state's cultural agenda have involved a refocusing and revalorizing of the precolonial past

For more detailed information on the project, see Martine Derain, Echo Larmitaj: Un chantier a Casablanca (Casablanca: Editions Le Fennec

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Mohammed Benaissa cited in

  • Mohammed Benaissa on the Asilah Festival

The composition of the group remained the same with the exception of Mustapha Hamidi who left the group

    In her work on national museums and youth festivals in Mali, Mary Jo Arnoldi shows how the Malian state has used festivals in order to disseminate a certain regulated vision of the nation

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