Art and architecture

  title={Art and architecture},
  author={Malcolm A. R. Colledge and Alan K. Bowman and P. D. A. Garnsey and Dominic Rathbone},
There are six programs within the College of Art and Architecture: Architecture, Bioregional Planning and Community Design, Interior Architecture and Design, Art and Design, Landscape Architecture, and Virtual Technology and Design. Each program represents unique disciplines that are integrated throughout their curriculum, research and service mission. All undergraduate students majoring in any of the programs in art and architecture (architecture, interior architecture and design, art and… 
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In the Details: Style in New England Architecture

Editor's Introduction: In our effort to expand HJMJ? focus to include artistic and material culture, we offer a "Photo Essay" feature. This essay provides a tour of different periods of architectural

Art and architecture

The visual culture of thirteenth-century western Europe saw the refinement and spread of the Gothic style throughout much of north-west Europe, and in this sense it consolidated and extended the

Fit for a King: Architectural Decor in Judaea and Herod as Trendsetter

  • O. Peleg-Barkat
  • History
    Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research
  • 2014
This paper pays close attention to architectural decoration in King Herod's construction projects and offers a renewed perspective on Herod's use of monumental display to situate his own kingdom

Colours and cultures on contemporary public space design

The sociological analysis of at-risk neighborhoods in the suburbs showed that quality, awareness and identification of any urban environment encourages people to come forward becoming proactive

Designing the Master Plan for the Pilot Area in Multan Walled City

In such a reality rich of history and rituals, as Multan Walled City is, a deferential and valid project of renewal has to take in account the delicate and precious dichotomy between the collective

Sensory space: temporary occupation

The paper sets out to explore the role of the non-visual and somatic senses in the design process. It examines the importance of the interaction between body and built form in our perception and

The Decagonal Tomb Tower at Maragha and Its Architectural Context: Lines of Mathematical Thought

Of several brick tomb towers constructed at Maragha in western Iran before the Mongol conquests, one in particular, Gonbad-e Qabud (593 H. / 1196-97 C.E.), has generated significant recent attention

Art and pastoral theology

In this article, art and art viewing are discussed in regard to pastoral theology. Stemming from case situations in classroom and clinical contexts, some of the parameters of art and art viewing and

Art in Transnational Architecture: Paul F. Damaz's Popularization of the Synthesis of the Arts Between Europe and Latin America

Abstract:A study on the writings of Portuguese-American architect Paul F. Damaz, who popularized a discourse on the "synthesis of the arts"—European and Latin American tendencies at the crossroads of



Roman Building: Materials and Techniques

Now in paperback, Roman Buildings is a thorough and systematic examination of Roman architecture and building practice, with over 750 illustrations . It looks at large- scale public buildings as well

Structural experimentation: The lintel arch, corbel and tie in western Roman architecture

Abstract The paper investigates the origins and development of the lintel arch, corbel and metal tie in Roman architecture, concentrating on the structural principles involved and the structural and

Early Christian Art and Architecture

Signs and symbols house-churches the catacombs - I the catacombs - II stone carving church buildings church buildings in Asia Egypt Nubia and Ethiopia the churches of North Africa Greece and the

The evolution of technology

Preface 1. Diversity, necessity, and evolution 2. Continuity and discontinuity 3. Novelty: psychological and intellectual factors 4. Novelty: socioeconomic and cultural factors 5. Selection: economic

Tools and Techniques of the Roman Stonemason in Britain

The material upon which this study is based is the ornamented architectural stonework of Roman Britain. The decoration of architecture was an accepted feature of the way in which the Romans built,

Greek and Roman maps

This study follows the development of map-making skills, from Babylonia and Egypt to the work of Greek scientists and Roman administrators and surveyors, up to the "Age of Discovery". The author

Hadrian and the City of Rome

A new interdisciplinary approach to an analysis of the emperor Hadrian's building and urban development or transformation projects in ancient Rome. It combines the testimony of archaeology, literary

Roman Terracotta Lamps: the Organization of an Industry

It should be plain that important progress is to be made in the economic and social history of the Greco-Roman world through more systematic studies of the material remains. In the field of ancient

Ancient Rome: City Planning and Administration

The physical city and the long view: The long view and the short view: Limitations of Space and Time.

The art of Roman Britain

List of illustrations Introduction 1. The Art of the Celts 2. Art in the Era of the Conquest 3. Art and the Roman Army 4. The Uses of Art in Roman Britain 5. Natives and Strangers in Roman Britain 6.