Art and Mithāl: Reading Geometry as Visual Commentary

  title={Art and Mithāl: Reading Geometry as Visual Commentary},
  author={Carol Bier},
  journal={Iranian Studies},
  pages={491 - 509}
  • Carol Bier
  • Published 1 September 2008
  • History
  • Iranian Studies
This article seeks to develop an interpretation of ornament as geometric pattern that embodies metaphysical intent in Iranian monuments of the fifth/eleventh century. The proposed argument elucidates cultural meaning relevant to a particular time and specific place, with implications for broader application.1 Reading geometric patterns as visual commentary, this approach relates the presence of patterns in art accompanied by a Qur'anic inscription to both the practice of pattern-making and the… 
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Birtakim notlar araciligiyla, bu makale, yapildiklari ve sergilendikleri donemde Islam sanat calismalari tarafindan iletilen iceriklerin dogru bir sekilde anlasilabilmesi icin, tasarim ve tasarim
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