Art Video Games

  title={Art Video Games},
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This study conducted analytical and semiexperimental research with the purpose of testing if art video games serve as a form of transmission of social representations and feelings. Accordingly, a free-association questionnaire was used after participants played the game The Graveyard. The associative method was paired with item hierarchization and clustering techniques using a structural approach. The data were analyzed using mixed methods (frequency analysis, semantic weight, and categorical… 
Designing Experiences: A Virtual Reality Video Game to Enhance Immersion
A virtual reality video game was designed taken into account all the elements needed to the design of an immersive virtual realityVideo game, based on psychological evidence and immersion studies, to identify the influence of a virtual reality game on the experience of immersion.
Eppur Si Muove - Considerations in the Research of Commercial Video Games
Specific problems derived from the nature of commercial video games are documented and some thoughts on how to conduct research on commercial games and cognitive skills are shared.
Sztuka gier wideo. Wybrane aspekty badań nad estetycznością i artyzmem gier komputerowych
The article deals with the diversity of critical attitudes in the study of the aestheticism and artistry of video games (the attitudes in question form part of the pluralist discourse on video game
How multiplayer online battle arenas foster scientific reasoning
It is suggested that within the next five years, the number of marriages in the United States will begin to decline, and the total number of divorces will increase from about 40 to about 50.


From Content to Context: Videogames as Designed Experience
Interactive immersive entertainment, or videogame playing, has emerged as a major entertainment and educational medium. As research and development initiatives proliferate, educational researchers
Art games: Interactivity and the embodied gaze
One of the most salient differences between fine art and new media art lies in the possibility for interactivity. Interactivity is not simply an inherent quality of new media, it also relates to a
Conducting Social Cognition Research in IS: A Methodology for Eliciting and Analyzing Social Representations
The methodology is demonstrated in use through a study examining early sense-making about electronic health records (EHRs), and its potential value for investigations based on technology frames of reference, the social construction of technology (SCOT) and organizing visions for IT innovations is discussed.
A Method for Studying Social Representations
The current article is concerned with the presentation of a novel method for studying social representations. Social representations are a key concept within social science but, as with many other
Social Representations Theory: A Progressive Research Programme for Social Psychology
The study "Psychoanalysis—its image and its public" intimates that common sense is increasingly informed by science. But common sense asserts its autonomy and, in turn, may affect the trajectory of
Touch-Sensitivity and Other Forms of Subversion: Interactive Artwork
The author explores the convergence of art and delivery systems, and how they have subversively commingled to form a “new reality.” The resulting interactive electronic multimedia network not only
Gore Galore: Literary Theory and Computer Games
A theoretical approach based on Bakhtin's poetics of the novel where the experience of time and space (thechronotope) provides a framework of questions for discussing computer games is suggested.
A social representation is not a quiet thing: exploring the critical potential of social representations theory.
It is argued that while social representations theory appears to have the conceptual tools to begin this critical task, there are serious criticisms and points of underdevelopment that need addressing.
Activation des Schemes Cognitifs de Base et Actualisation des Valeurs Associées au Travail
This article reports on an attempt to explore the dynamics of three groups representations of a triplet of social objects: “work, “employment” and „workless”. We consider the relation between Social