Arsenic species in groundwaters of the blackfoot disease area, taiwan.

  title={Arsenic species in groundwaters of the blackfoot disease area, taiwan.},
  author={Shelley L. Chen and S R Dzeng and Mo Hsiung Yang and Kwok Hing Chiu and G M Shieh and Chien M. Wai},
  journal={Environmental science & technology},
  volume={28 5},
The groundwaters collected from three wells in the Blackfoot disease (BFD) area in southwest Taiwan contain, on the average, 671 i 149 r g of total dissolved arsenic/L. The arsenic contents in the well waters of Hsinchu, a city in the northwest of the island where no BFD has ever been reported, are less than 0.7 pg/L. The predominant arsenic species in the well waters of the BFD area is As3+ with an average As3+/As5+ ratio of 2.6. The methyl arsenicals, monomethylarsinic acid and… CONTINUE READING
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