Arrestin effects on internalization of vasopressin receptors.

  title={Arrestin effects on internalization of vasopressin receptors.},
  author={D Bowen-Pidgeon and Giulio Innamorati and Hamid Mirmohamad Sadeghi and Mariel Birnbaumer},
  journal={Molecular pharmacology},
  volume={59 6},
Arrestins have been shown to facilitate the recruitment of G protein-coupled receptors to the clathrin-coated vesicles that mediate their internalization. After (8)Arg-vasopressin-induced internalization, the human V2 vasopressin receptor failed to recycle to the cell surface, whereas the vasopressin type 1a receptor (V1a) subtype did. The possibility that the lack of recycling could identify a novel role for arrestins was investigated by examining the effect of coexpressing wild-type and… CONTINUE READING