ArrayCGH-based classification of neuroblastoma into genomic subgroups.

  title={ArrayCGH-based classification of neuroblastoma into genomic subgroups.},
  author={Evi Michels and Jo Vandesompele and Katleen De Preter and Jasmien Hoebeeck and Jo{\"e}lle Vermeulen and Alexander Schramm and Jan J. Molenaar and Bj{\"o}rn Menten and B{\'a}rbara Ara{\'u}jo Marques and Raymond L. Stallings and Valerie Combaret and Christine Devalck and Anne De Paepe and Rogier Versteeg and Angelika Eggert and Genevi{\'e}ve Laureys and Nadine Van Roy and Frank Speleman},
  journal={Genes, chromosomes & cancer},
  volume={46 12},
High-resolution array comparative genomic hybridization (arrayCGH) profiling was performed on 75 primary tumors and 29 cell lines to gain further insight into the genetic heterogeneity of neuroblastoma and to refine genomic subclassification. Using a novel data-mining strategy, three major and two minor genomic subclasses were delineated. Eighty-three percent of tumors could be assigned to the three major genomic subclasses, corresponding to the three known clinically and biologically relevant… CONTINUE READING

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