Array synthesis of novel lipodepsipeptide.

  title={Array synthesis of novel lipodepsipeptide.},
  author={James M. Siedlecki and Jason Hill and Ian Barrie Parr and Xiang Yu and Michael J Morytko and Yanzhi Zhang and Jared Silverman and Nicole Controneo and Valerie Laganas and Tongchuan Li and Jianshi Li and Dennis D Keith and George H Shimer and John B. Finn},
  journal={Bioorganic & medicinal chemistry letters},
  volume={13 23},
Synthetic array technology was utilized to rapidly synthesize and analyze a diverse set of reductive alkylation analogues of daptomycin. Analysis of the array suggested the use of polar functionality such as sulfonamides or amide or polar spaces such as piperazine would beneficially affect activity. 

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