Arp2/3-Dependent Psuedocleavage Furrow Assembly in Syncytial Drosophila Embryos

  title={Arp2/3-Dependent Psuedocleavage Furrow Assembly in Syncytial Drosophila Embryos},
  author={Victoria A. Stevenson and Andrew Hudson and Lynn Cooley and William E. Theurkauf},
  journal={Current Biology},
chromosome segregation, chromosome decondensa-tion, and nuclear envelope formation. In S. pombe and S. cerevisiae, genetic studies have defined pathways totic progression are less well understood. The cleavage New Haven, Connecticut 06510 plane appears to be specified by the position of the spindle during metaphase or anaphase, when a number of proteins localize to the site where the furrow will form [3, 4]. Actin filaments subsequently accumulate at this Summary site and organize into the… CONTINUE READING
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