Arousals in nocturnal groaning.

  title={Arousals in nocturnal groaning.},
  author={Iva Př{\'i}hodov{\'a} and Karel {\vS}onka and D Kemlink and Jana Voln{\'a} and Soňa Nev{\vs}{\'i}malov{\'a}},
  journal={Sleep medicine},
  volume={10 9},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE Nocturnal groaning (catathrenia) is a chronic sleep disorder classified as parasomnia with unclear effects on sleep and life quality. It is characterized by repeated episodes of monotonous vocalization in prolonged expiration (episodes of bradypnea) occurring mostly in REM sleep. We sought to assess its impact on sleep microstructure, i.e., the frequency of arousals relative to the groaning episodes. The frequency, duration and sleep-stage distribution of the groaning… CONTINUE READING