Around the world in a month

  • Published 2012 in Nature Biotechnology


volume 30 number 12 DeCember 2012 nature biotechnology US election night saw the defeat of California’s Proposition 37, a statewide referendum that sought in-state labels for foods containing genetically modified (GM) ingredients, following an aggressive negative publicity campaign by the agrochemical industry. The result is likely to slow—–but not halt—those seeking nationally required labeling for GM foods. The proposition was defeated by a 6% margin. “We dodged a bullet,” Conko says; “I would not have predicted this outcome six months ago.” But Conko and others do not think that the labeling issue is settled. “This should be the first step of a broader effort,” he says. “If the biotech industry doesn’t use this to build on and promote public acceptance of the technology, it will have squandered an opportunity.” Adds Karen Batra of BIO, “We anticipate we’ll continue debating the labeling issue because we have done so for more than a decade now, but we stand by the FDA’s policy to label foods in a way that is informative to consumers.” JLF Box 1 Agbiotech dodges GM labeling bullet in California

DOI: 10.1038/nbt1212-1162

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