Around The Clock: Museum and Market

  title={Around The Clock: Museum and Market},
  author={Erika Balsom},
  journal={Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media},
  pages={177 - 191}
  • E. Balsom
  • Published 1 October 2013
  • Art
  • Framework: The Journal of Cinema and Media
In fall 2012, visitors to the homepage of the Power Plant, the main venue for contemporary art in Toronto, were greeted with a slideshow featuring the institution's current exhibitions. The slide devoted to Omer Fast's Continuous Coverage was typical: it featured a still from the artist's video Continuity (DE, 2012), one of the primary works on display. When the slide changed and the advertisement for The Clock (2010) came on, something very different filled the screen. Instead of a still from… 
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