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Aromatic vinegars: antiseptics of the past.

  title={Aromatic vinegars: antiseptics of the past.},
  author={U. Lang and Sabine Anagnostou and A. Helmst{\"a}dter},
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Vinegar and weight loss in women of eighteenth-century France: a lesson from the past
This short note reports the eighteenth-century account of Mademoiselle Lapaneterie, a French woman who started drinking vinegar to lose weight and died one month later, confirming that some women were using vinegar for weight loss. Expand
The Role of Domestic Knowledge in an Era of Professionalisation: Eighteenth-Century Manuscript Medical Recipe Collections
This thesis examines the medical recipes in particular and considers their role at a time when alternatives to domestic healthcare were proliferating: increasing numbers of physicians and surgeons, a growth in apothecaries’ shops, commercial offerings such as proprietary medicines and a variety of irregular practitioners. Expand