Aromatase in developing sensory systems of the rat brain.

  title={Aromatase in developing sensory systems of the rat brain.},
  author={Tam{\'a}s L. Horv{\'a}th and Kenneth C. Wikler},
  journal={Journal of neuroendocrinology},
  volume={11 2},
Sex differences in the rat brain are dependent, in part, on oestrogen exposure during specific developmental perinatal periods. The availability of oestrogen requires precursor androgen and the presence of intraneuronal aromatase. To examine sites of oestrogen formation and action in the brain, immunocytochemical and biochemical localization of aromatase in the rat brain were determined between embryonic day 14 and postnatal day 20. Aromatase-immunolabelled neuronal profiles were present in… CONTINUE READING

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