Aromatase deficiency inhibits the permeability transition in mouse liver mitochondria.

  title={Aromatase deficiency inhibits the permeability transition in mouse liver mitochondria.},
  author={Loredana Moro and Arnaldo A. Arbini and Jer-Tsong Hsieh and Jeffery Ford and Evan R. Simpson and Asghar Hajibeigi and Orhan K. Oz},
  volume={151 4},
Lack of estrogens affects male physiology in a number of ways, including severe changes in liver metabolism that result in lipid accumulation and massive hepatic steatosis. Here we investigated whether estrogen deficiency may alter the functionality and permeability properties of liver mitochondria using, as an experimental model, aromatase knockout (ArKO) male mice, which cannot synthesize endogenous estrogens due to a disruption of the Cyp19 gene. Liver mitochondria isolated from ArKO mice… CONTINUE READING
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