Aromatase and regulation of bone remodeling.

  title={Aromatase and regulation of bone remodeling.},
  author={Claude A Ribot and Florence A. Tr{\'e}mollieres and J Pouilles},
  journal={Joint, bone, spine : revue du rhumatisme},
  volume={73 1},
Estrogens play a key role in regulating bone mineralization. Bone tissue expresses the enzymes that metabolize estrogens, as well as the alpha and beta receptors that mediate responses to estrogens. After the menopause, estrogen secretion by the ovaries is promptly replaced by production within tissues, which occurs chiefly via aromatization of adrenal steroids. Therefore, aromatase activity is a major determinant of estrogen activity in postmenopausal women. Studies are beginning to shed light… CONTINUE READING

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