Aromatase activity in the developing rabbit brain.

  title={Aromatase activity in the developing rabbit brain.},
  author={Fredrick W. George and W T Tobleman and Leon Milewich and J Douglas Wilson},
  volume={102 1},
The formation of 17beta-[3H]estradiol from [1,2,6,7-3H]testosterone was assessed in placenta and central nervous system tissues from rabbit embryos that varied in age from 13-28 days of gestation. In the fetal brain, significant rates of aromatase activity were limited exclusively to the forebrain, and the highest rates of activity (approximately 0.5 pmol/h/mg protein) were found in the diencephalon both male and female embryos between days 19 and 25 of gestation. These rates of aromatase… CONTINUE READING