Aroma compound sorption by oak wood in a model wine.

  title={Aroma compound sorption by oak wood in a model wine.},
  author={Gemma Ram{\'i}rez Ram{\'i}rez and S. C. M. Lubbers and Claudine Charpentier and Michel Feuillat and Andr{\'e}e Voilley and David Chassagne},
  journal={Journal of agricultural and food chemistry},
  volume={49 8},
Oak wood used for wine barrels was immersed into a model wine containing eight aroma compounds (e.g., aromatic and terpene alcohols, ethyl esters, and aldehyde), for which activity coefficients in water and model wine were determined using the mutual solubility measurement. A mass balance of these volatiles considering their reactivity in model wine was established. For most of the studied aroma compounds, and mainly for linalool and ethyl octanoate, a sorption behavior into wood was reported… CONTINUE READING